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Kendal Shooting Range

Fishing Rates

Tilapia & Texas Cichlid Fishing - Catch & Release

$20.00 per person per hour. Includes daily Club membership, drop rod and bait.

$10.00 per person per additional hour

Peacock Bass Fishing - Catch & Release

$50.00 per person per day.

Includes daily Club membership, stocking and green fees and use of the Club's rod, reel and lure


$40.00 per person per hour; maximum of 2 persons per hour

NOTE: All participants for Bass Fishing must be experienced in the use of rod and reel, otherwise instruction will be MANDATORY.

(Fees will be applied for lost and/or damaged equipment)

Annual Fishing Membership - Catch & Release

$200 per person per year.

Discounted rate on Peacock Bass Fishing- $10.00 per day (for the member only) Complimentary Tilapia & Texas Cichlid fishing (for the member only)

Special Annual Fishing Membership offer
available to the first 20 Applicants!!
Only $200!!

Kendal Sporting Fishing
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