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Kendal Shooting Range

Kendal Sporting Shooting Ranges

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Kendal Sporting offers sport shooting for pistol, shotgun, paintball and archery enthusiasts. We are open from 11:00am to 5:00pm Tuesdays to Sundays. For pricing please check our Membership page or, if you are visiting our beautiful island then go to our Tourist page. All shooters will be supervised by our professional and experienced range officers. All non-member first time shooters will be required to participate in a short instruction course, comprised of basic safety protocols, for a one time fee of $30 per person. After an enjoyable round of shooting you can stay on to have drinks at the bar, relax by the pool and even have lunch.

Kendal Sporting offers two top class shotgun ranges with ten target throwers at various locations on each range. We offer both 12 and 20 gauge at out ranges. Kendal supplies the shotguns, ear and eye protection, ammunition and experienced range officers to guide you through your shooting.

At Kendal Sporting we have two pistol ranges, one indoor range with seven shooting bays offering electronically controlled hanging targets that can be set at up to 10 meters. Our second range is outdoors and is set up to IPSC standards. Kendal has a selection of calibre pistols available for use on our ranges.

Kendal Sporting has all the Paintball action you could want. All you need is a desire to have fun, we supply the paintball markers, paintballs, safety equipment (face, head, chest & back) and the referees.

The Bow Benders Archery Club has made Kendal Sporting their home, and have added archery to the Sport Shooting options that Kendal Sporting can offer its members or visitors.

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